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Pam Chapdelaine is a Certified Health Specialist and Master Herbalist and she has more to offer her clients than knowledge and expertise. She has personally battled breast cancer. In 2014 she was diagnosed with stage 2 ductal carcinoma. This came as quite a shock and surprise to Pam who for 15 years had been in the health and wellness industry helping others battle cancer. She knows what it takes to rid the body of impurities and supply the best super foods for optimal health. But something flipped her cancer switch on.

In 2013 she bought a naturopathic practice in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Unbeknownst to Pam, the facility was infested with black mold which she was allergic to. After doing some research on black mold and mycotoxins Pam realized that her immune system had been compromised and this was no doubt the cause of her cancer switch being turned on.

Pam immediately started “A Life Protocol” which she had been using for years with cancer clients. She also worked with her oncologist and surgeon during this period of time and together within 75 days of her diagnosis she was deemed cancer free. Pam knows the fear that strikes the heart and the stress one undergoes when a cancer diagnosis is made.

In addition to her extensive natural health training and experience coaching hundreds of people to optimal well-being, Pam has a unique perspective on client empowerment.

What if people didn’t have to do all the research and heavy lifting themselves?  What if there was someone who empowered others to:

  • become active participants in their health
  • make healthy choices , one small step at a time
  • move closer to a life free from toxins and chemicals

She realized that unknowingly unhealthy choices are leading people to early graves.  People are literally dying to have good health!

What if there was someone who empowered people to prevent and detect health threats by:

  • knowing the actual person, not just the statistics
  • paying careful attention to every ailment, no matter how small
  • connecting pains and reactions into an overall picture of personal health
  • finding natural, non-toxic solutions before medical intervention becomes necessary or advisable

Pam helps her clients achieve exceptional health in a natural, non-toxic, and non-dependent way. Whether you are chronically ill and fed up with feeling lousy or striving to maintain an already healthy lifestyle, The Natural Path is the perfect health partner for you.

Saving lives and restoring vitality through educating, coaching, and partnering with clients on the path to exceptional health!

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