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Free Zyto Scan OfferPam Chapdelaine exudes vitality and warmth. Her bright smile, positivity, and dramatic client success stories make her the ideal guide for anyone pursuing the path to lasting good health.

It’s hard to believe, Pam wasn’t always this vibrant.

You see, Pam is far more than a Certified Health Specialist with a passion for combating disease and obesity in a natural and non-toxic way

Fifteen years ago, Pam was trapped in a perfect storm of depression, chronic pain, illness, nutritional deficiency, and a dizzying array of prescription drugs. She prayed for relief from what had become a miserable existence. She sometimes even wished for death.

But instead of taking her life, Pam took control of her health. She tossed the anti-depressants, pain medications, and endless stream of doctor-recommended pills and began listening to her own body.

As her knowledge and confidence grew, Pam accurately diagnosed conditions that eluded medical doctors.  These doctors were leaders in their field. But their field wasn’t Pam—a one-of-a-kind, complex, distinctive person.

Then out of the blue came her own breast cancer diagnosis.  Fortunately, Pam knew exactly what to do and working with her doctors and utilizing her own natural protocol she was pronounced cancer free just 75 days after diagnosis.

Healthy and revitalized, Pam now empowers others to reclaim their health. Her unique experience with failing and subpar health has helped her coach hundreds of clients to optimal well-being.

Her training and expertise also helps people stay the healthy course. Her services have even given athletes a leading edge!

Best of all, because of her own health quest, Pam recognizes that each of her clients is a one-of-a-kind, complex, distinctive person.

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