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Free Zyto Scan or detox foot bath for 1st Time Clients.

Nutritional & Toxicity Assessment – 2 Hour $175

Pam completes a comprehensive health assessment including Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA) assessment.  During your assessment she will talk with you about your home/work environment, dietary habits, current prescriptions and other factors that affect your health to determine what nutritional deficiencies and toxicities you may have.

Based on your Contact Relex Analysis (CRA) assessment and conversation, Pam will partner with you to develop a customized natural health plan suited to your body, your health goals, and the lifestyle you want to live.

Follow-up office visits are strongly encouraged for at least 12 weeks to help you maintain progress and adapt the plan to your body’s changing needs.


Office Visits

Pam makes the time to listen to you and carefully consider all your concerns. Schedule an office visit anytime you think your body is telling you something.

Office visits are available to any client that has undergone an initial consultation.

1 Hour Office Visit Adults $75

1 Hour Office Visit Senior Citizen 65+ $60

1 Hour Office Visit Child Under 18 years old $60

1 Hour Office Visit Parent & Child Combined (1 hour) $75 + $30 (1/2 off for child)

1 Hour Home Visit $100


Zyto Biocommunications Scan

30 Minute Scan with Consultation $37.50 (6 Reasons You Need a Zyto Scan)


Phone/Live Video Via Facetime or Skype Consultations

Regardless of where you live, Pam can help you.  Phone/video consultations are available and are billed at $75 per hour.


Packages and Specials

To kick-start your journey to exceptional health, Pam offers the Wellness Package. Everything you need to make a healthy life-style change at one low price! 

Wellness Package $500 ($100 Savings)


Nutritional & Toxicity Assessment (2 hours)

4 Follow-Up Visits (1 hour each)

$125 of Nutritional Supplements


Bundled Office Visit Packages

5 One Hour Office Visits 10% Discount $337.50 ($37.50 Savings)

10 One Hour Office Visits 15% Discount $637.50 ($112.50 Savings)


Bundled Home Visit Packages

5 One Hour Home Visits 10% Discount $450.00 ($50 Savings)

10 One Hour Home Visits 15% Discount $850.00 ($150 Savings)